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Who am I ?

I am an artist in Cognac, France

I started creating these dolls in limited editions and on order more than 10 years ago now, to bring color, joy and good humor into your home.

I have made over 400 to date.

These unusual decorative dolls are not suitable for children under 14 years old.

ugly doll
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They talk about us


Nathalie C.

Ever more beautiful and original creations. I have already ordered several little pouches to keep or offer and today my 2 crochet kits received still carefully packaged.

Careful and meticulous work, made in France.

I adore

Capture d’écran 2022-09-04 à 11.00.24.png

Catherine R.

Super creative, talented, who has great taste.

His creations are refined, dolls or paintings.

She takes great care of the packages she sends, it's like a Christmas present when you open the packages.

Poupée primitive.png

Sylvie S.

Catherine Cruse is a true artist who gives soul to all her creations! I love them all! She is also very responsive during contact and deliveries are fast and always accompanied by little touches.

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