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Arthur and his bottle

Arthur and his bottle

Primitive doll  ugly and proud of it!

Arthur is a doll  decorative 40  cm.

Handcrafted in France.

It is not a children's toy.

Attention, contains small elements.

(These dolls are classified  in the category of primitive dolls).
  It is a decorative element.

I left it wisely stored in a corner of the workshop.

I won't hide from you that I found a pouch!

He made a friend and won't drop his bottle anymore!

I heard a sneer on my return, and they were there, both, singing bawdy songs!

No but oust! wind Arthur! none of that in the workshop!

He has his apron all stained and made a hole in it! pffffff, it's the shame of ugly dolls that one! I tell you!

Always hangover! you just have to see his silly look 


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