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Handcrafted creation of primitive doll.

Size approx 40 cm.

Made in France.

Made to order.

Manufacturing and delivery time: from 15 days to one month depending on orders in progress.

There may be small differences in fabrics from the desired model depending on available stocks, but I try to get as close as possible.

PLEASE NOTE, these dolls are not children's toys and contain small items that may be dangerous.

  • Temper :


    So, watch out!!!

    I am a star ! but you already knew that!

    The designer has already made me 27 times! you realize !

    I have 27 twin sisters! wow, what a beautiful family.

    I am too proud. I parade...I make myself tall (well, from the height of my 45 cm, it's not easy, but I try).

    I'm waiting for my Diégo, he'll come get me, that's for sure...


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