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Primitive doll ugly and proud of it!

Natacha, is a decorative doll of about 45 cm.

Handcrafted in France.

Warning, contains small parts.


(These dolls are categorized as primitive dolls). It is a decorative element.

(The price of the dolls may vary depending on the number of hours spent making them).

Manufacturing time: 15 days to 1 month approximately.

Fabrics may vary depending on available stocks, but I try to get as close as possible to the model offered.

  • Temper :

    Hi, I'm Natacha the snob.

      The designer freaks out a bit because she finds that my eyes follow her when she moves in the workshop 😏

    She's making me an ugly little doll that I'm going to bring to my future family.

    Oulala, I'm a little nervous moa!

    It is that I have requirements all the same! I hope they will be nice family.

    I am the first with blue hair. You like ?

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