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Designer doll of around 45 cm and her dog Plume.


Handmade, with patience and meticulousness, in Cognac, France.


As soon as your order is placed, a period of 15 days to one month will be necessary for its manufacture.


There may be small differences in fabrics compared to the desired model depending on available stocks, but I try to get as close as possible.


WARNING, these dolls are not children's toys and contain small objects that could be dangerous.

  • Temper :

    Pudding likes to pull his dog's ears and throw him a little ball.

    His name is Feather.

    It is a complainer who eats hazelnuts all day long and leaves small shells everywhere.

    She is not well groomed and her dog is full of fleas.

    It doesn't matter to him, she frolics cheerfully beside him in the fields, picks up daisies, whistling a strand of wheat between her teeth and crushes insects with her feet.

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