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Mary Magdalene

Handmade doll.

Discover Marie Madeleine, the decorative doll that will add pep to your interior! 🌟

Features :

• Size: Approximately 45 cm of pure elegance

• Manufacturing: Handmade with love and a touch of madness

• Origin: Made in France, with top quality fabrics

Why choose Marie Madeleine?

Marie Madeleine is not just a decorative doll, she is a true handcrafted work of art. With its unique style and irresistible charm, it will bring a touch of originality and cheerfulness to your home.

A bit of humour :

Are you looking for a decor that has character and doesn't take itself too seriously? Do not search anymore ! Marie Madeleine is there for that. She has the gift of making you smile even on the grayest days and will always attract compliments from your guests.

A touch of magic:

Place it on a shelf, a dresser or even on your sofa, and see how it instantly transforms the ambiance of the room. With Marie Madeleine, you are guaranteed to have a decoration that will never go unnoticed.

Special bonus:

In addition to being a fabulous piece of decor, Mary Magdalene is also an excellent keeper of secrets. She listens patiently to your stories and dreams, and will never repeat a word. Promise!

Adopt Marie Madeleine today and let this unique doll light up your home with her humor and inimitable style!

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