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Vanille Fraise

Vanille Fraise

Ugly primitive doll and proud of it!

Vanille Fraise is a decorative doll of 40 cm.

Handcrafted in France.

This is not a children's toy.

Attention, contains small elements.

(These dolls are classified under the category of primitive dolls).
It is a decorative element.

(The price of the dolls varies according to the number of hours spent making them).

  • Temper

    JEANNETTE..... You are a weasel.

    A little shy, a little cosy, You go down to the refreshment bar, Eat a small tartlet, Drink a small anisette while crushing a purple speckle with your finger!

    Owl, owl!

    You like to do your piggies!

    You order a small omelet with shrimp and chives.

    And you talk to your doll while making jokes to her.

    Oooh Jeanette, how pretty you are with your little skirt 😏

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